SaaS SEO Case Study

2020 - 2022 Case Study for SaaS SEO

Our SaaS SEO Case Study takes you down the path from ZERO to HERO for a SaaS company that was just founded (not even a website). From zero visitors to over 300 laser targeted visitors a day to their high conversion optimized website.

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Our Case Study for SaaS SEO

Many case studies for SaaS SEO start out with SaaS companies that are already well positioned and established. Those are fine and dandy (and we have those too), but we really wanted to show you a TRUE SaaS SEO case study that took a SaaS company from ZERO to HERO in their market. Enjoy!

Jan 1st, 2020 - SaaS Discovery

SaaS company contracts with us (after being referred from another SaaS company) for an expedited SaaS SEO strategy. At this time, the company's SaaS was close to MVP and months away from official launch. Their forward thinking was the driving force behind this strategy, which was to have their SaaS website well positioned at time of launch.

No domain

No website

No content

ZERO market presence.

Keyword difficulty = High / 65 average (SEMRUSH)

Average Cost Per Click = $25 (SEMRUSH)

A true ZERO to HERO SaaS SEO case study!
saas seo case study
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Jan 2020 - SaaS SEO Industry Audit & Strategy

During the month of January we diligently audited their industry, top competitors, keywords, featured snippets, industry rankings and target audience. This audit led us to a solid SaaS SEO strategy that not only helped with drilling down on the target audience, but website build and SaaS site structure.

Domain purchased

Website build started

SaaS SEO strategy creation

Too many SaaS SEO companies don't put enough time into this vital process!

Feb 2020 - Website Structure & On-Page SaaS SEO

An intracule part in SaaS SEO is the structuring of the SaaS website and on-page SEO for each individual page on the website. Structuring the website is critically important to maximize UX (customer experience), Google's crawl efficiency, bounce rate and conversion. It's also where you leverage the power of internal linking. After we structured the site accordingly, we utilized our rigorous 200 point on-page SEO process to dial in every page.

Maximize UX, crawl efficiency, bounce rate and conversion.

Maximize the power of internal linking

200 point on-page SaaS SEO process

Setting up the website correctly for the first visits from Google is essential!
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Mar 1 - 15th 2020 - SaaS Content Strategy

Content strategy is paramount for SaaS SEO. When done right (as shown in this SaaS SEO Case study), it informs Google's algorithm that you're the ultimate authority within your industry. Winning featured snippets and having insanely popular content (people linking to it) is what is needed to be link worthy and avoid/pass the manual inspections.

Content Strategy & Featured Snippets


Ultimate Authority

Being link worthy allows your SaaS website to generate authority and links without tipping off the algorithms.

March 15th - SaaS SEO Go Time!

This is where the SaaS SEO magic happens. Implementing our content strategy and then building authority (links) to it, and making sure Google knows it's popular (more links).  

Strategic content creation and placement

Start building authority and popularity

Track and analyze

Content is only king if it has authority and popularity!
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"We are a 100% data driven SaaS SEO agency and have our finger on the pulse of over 10,000 websites and internet properties. Our company lives, breathes, anticipates and analyzes the over 500 yearly major and minor Google algorithm changes. Basically, the algorithm doesn't blink without us knowing about it and adjusting accordingly."
~ Randy Soderman

case study for saas seo

Soderman Infrastructure = Power

With over 17 years in the SEO industry, we have built a massive infrastructure that allows us to build popularity and authority on a colossal scale. 17+ years of high level relationship building allows us to have immediate access to thousands of webmasters and high profile writers across the globe- giving us easy outreach channels to build any amount of SaaS SEO authority and popularity over any timeframe.

Since this was a new SaaS website, our SaaS SEO outreach was extremely conservative.

Integrated into the Soderman Infrastrusture

Level 1 outreach

80% of SEO outreach successful

20 new partnerships created

Leveraging our 17+ years of relationships in the online world, our infrastructure makes it incredibly easy to build authority and popularity- which is the driving force for amazing SaaS SEO results.

SaaS SEO Ranking Results

Now on to the exciting stuff that matters- results. Below, you'll see ranking results for our SaaS SEO case study. We start from month 1 when the SaaS website went live. #zerotohero

March 2020 - (25)

Even with our level 1 outreach, our infrastructure was packing a punch on month 1 and had our SaaS SEO client ranking as high as #7 on page 2 for a 58 KD.

Level 1 outreach / 80% success

25 keywords

3 keywords in the top 20

< 30 laser targeted visitors to the website

saas rankings
seo rankings

May 2020 - (107 & < 50)

After seeing great results from our first level of outreach to our infrastructure, we increase to level 2.

Level 1 outreach / 78% success

Level 2 outreach started

2% signals shifted from algorithm analysis

107 keywords

18 keywords in the top 20

< 30 laser targeted visitors to the website

July 2020 - (229 & 40 targeted visitors)

Our level 2 outreach was nothing short of an amazing success. Not only did we reach a few key positions, but our SaaS client saw their first wait list customers.

Level 2 outreach / 86% success

4% signals shifted from algorithm analysis

229 keywords

1 keyword top 5

9 keywords on page 1

47 keywords in the top 20

40 laser targeted visitors to the website

18 total customers on SaaS early access wait list

saas case study rankings

Sep. 2020 (585 & 297 targeted visitors)

During the month of September, we saw an significant increase in SaaS early access sign-ups. We also saw the first SaaS SEO #1 position for one of our top targeted keywords. This early success allowed us to ramp up and start our most impactful level, level 3 outreach. Hitting those top positions really drove sign-ups.

Level 2 outreach / 78% success

Level 3 outreach started

5% signals shifted from algorithm analysis

585 keywords

2 keywords at #1

22 keywords on page 1

297 laser targeted visitors to the website

145 total customers on SaaS early access wait list

Dec. 2020 (1k+ & 764 targeted visitors)

Level 3 outreach did not disappoint and as a results, we saw the 1st of many green waves that took over page 1.

Level 3 outreach / 82% success

12% signals shifted from algorithm analysis

1k+ keywords

12 keywords ranking #1

78 keywords on page 1

764 laser targeted visitors to the website

378 total customers on SaaS early access wait list

seo rankings

2021 Infrastructure (Up 8%)

Every year we invest heavily in expanding and bolstering up our existing SaaS SEO infrastructure. New relationships with hundreds of webmasters, writers and strategic collaborations makes for a stronger infrastructure to help our existing and future clients- not to mention SaaS SEO case studies.

seo rankings

March 2021 (1600 / 2k+ targeted visitors)

It's been one year and SaaS SEO domination hasn't looked so good! Organic rankings and conversion optimization has allowed them to open up their MVP to over a hundred users off of their massive waiting list.

Level 4 outreach / 79% success

11% signals shifted from algorithm analysis

1600+ keywords

34 keywords at #1

130 keywords on page 1

2200 laser targeted visitors to the website

845 on SaaS early access wait list

110 Active users (max 110)

2022 Infrastructure (Up 12%)

Going into 2022, our infrastructure grew at a record pace. This growth increased existing authority and added new authority having a compound effect.

January 2022 (5700 / 2,525 targeted visitors)

Level 3 outreach did not disappoint and as a results, we saw the 1st of many green waves that took over page 1.

Level 4 outreach / 82% success

18% signals shifted from algorithm analysis

5700+ keywords

34 keywords ranking #1

264 keywords on page 1

2525 laser targeted visitors to the website

686 active users

seo rankings

And the rest is history! Just Kidding

We continue to work with this SaaS SEO client and are constantly adding and ranking new content which increase laser targeted traffic each month. For more details on this specific SaaS SEO client and case study, feel free to contact us anytime. We're here to help grow SaaS companies and whether you hire us or not, we'll help you in anyway we can.